Living in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country, therefore it is rather easy to approach the respective authorities. The steps to take in order to get various documents are simplified, especially for personal documents.
In order to further simplify the relationship between administrations and citizens, the City of Luxembourg set up a unique counter called Biergercenter, where you can obtain useful information and where you can deal with the basic administrative tasks.

Residing in Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers you numerous high-quality lodging possibilities in a quiet environment as well as more affordable housing alternatives, and the “Ministère du Logement” provides various types of financial support regarding construction, acquisition and fittings.

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Schools and day care

A multitude of structures, thereof more than 40 day care centres, are available on the territory of Luxembourg City.

As a matter of principle, schools are free in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. School attendance is compulsory for children from the age of 4 years to 16 years with an optional year of nursery school from the age of 3 years.

Postsecondary and university education  in Luxembourg are distinguished first of all by the existence of the « Université du Luxembourg » covering 3 faculties.

Apart from the public school system, Luxembourg offers various private schools as well as international schools. The international schools and the Waldorf School are functioning on the basis of their own evaluation and certification system. These schools are, however, part of the private education system not provided by the state.
In Luxembourg, there are 7 private establishments covering the classes of secondary school:

Waldorf School;
St George’s International School;
International School of Luxembourg (ISL);
Ecole Européenne de Luxembourg (EEL);
Ecole Privée Notre-Dame Sainte-Sophie (EPND);
Ecole Privée Fieldgen;
Lycée Français Vauban.

You will find further information on the internet site of Luxembourg: www.vdl.lu under « Vivre à Luxembourg » as well as on the internet portal De Guichet « Citoyens”.

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