You are considering the externalisation of one or several steps of your recruitment process?

Expert Resource Recruitment Services provides flexible offers that are adapted to your needs.

You have the choice!

In relation to:

  • the creation and the publication of a job offer

Together with you or based on yet existing job descriptions we create you job offer for publication on various communication channels and for the distribution via Internet (job pages and job boards that are dedicated to specialised activities.

  • the analysis and choice of received CVs

You are forwarding the CVs that you received (spontaneous applications, applications to job adverts, Internet research, …).
We create a pre-selection of best fitting applications, assign them to 3 different categories (kept back applications /not kept back applications / reserve list of candidates) and provide you our choice.

  • the administration of applications (kept back candidates and not kept back candidates)

This service is a supplement to analysis and choice of received CVs.
We take over to inform candidates by email about refused applications.

  • the Verification of former employments, references and data from CVs

We will verify data that was provided in CVs (employment periods, agreement between job title and position, salaries, employment certificates, A verification of references at former employers of the candidate will be realised. It is used to confirm the data that was provided by the candidate (missions accomplished and working periods at former employers, information concerning the ethic of work, ability and competences for the defined profile). 

  • the choice of candidates

Based on the list of candidates kept back by the client, a consultant will be in job interviews with these candidates, to assure motivation and ability of the candidate in relation to the job profile.
On demand of the employer and in accord with the employer we realise together with a psychologist more profound analysis of behaviour.

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