Expert Resource - Recruitment Services acts according to well-established principles and values which are the keys to the success of a long-term relationship with its customers, its candidates, its employees and its partners.

Our values base on fundamental inherent to our profession: respect of the individual, integrity, responsibility, trust and commitment.

Our organisation in terms of recruitment is based on a methodology resulting from  professional and human experience as well as from a profound know-how.

Our recruitment process

Recruitment consists in solving an organisational, socio-economical and human problem by the use of a multi-step methodology.

Recruitment diagnostic

Consulting the business after
  • a profound analysis of its organisation, its functionality, its requirements
  • an evalutation of the close professional environment of the future employee
  • the detailed definition of the future employee’s function, indispensable for the selection of the candidates and the editing of the applications
  • the conception and realization of a report intended to attract the possible candidates to the business projects

Definition of the recruitment strategy: advertisement, networks, internal and external resources

Definition and execution of a strategic search for applications
  • “Media Plan” (specialized press)
  • Activation of various recruitment tools:
    Direct recruitment (head-hunting)
    Internal and external database
    Solid and reliable contact networks – national / international

Evaluation and selection of the applicants

  • Analysis and pre-selection of the applications
  • Setting up – by the applicants – of a detailed and well-founded application file
  • Selection of the retained applications
    Row of tests (personality, competence, …)
    If requested, providing of a supplementary evaluation / assessment
    Selection of the most qualified applicant(s)

Presentation, selection, integration and coaching of the applicant

  • Presentation of the applicants’ files to the employer and concertation of the requirements and expectations
  • Organisation of supplementary interviews 
  • Assisting the employer in making the final decision and processing to the employment of the most adequate applicant
  • Integration process: your guarantee
    We guarantee the employer’s satisfaction with the recruitment over a period of one year for senior positions and of six months for junior and intermediate positions and professionals. We document, together with the employer, the progress of the applicant three months, six months and one year after the start of the employment.

Please be assured that our activities are submitted to a strict deontology concept, thereby guaranteeing our independency, the quality of our services and the discretion of all our interventions.