You would like to externalise the whole recruitment process?

The EXPERT PACK is your solution!

  • Interview with one of our consultants for the determination of your needs and the corresponding candidate profile. Deeper analysis of the environment (team, company, activity sector, context of the recruitment).

  • Elaboration and creation of a job offer for the publication of a job advert on communication media.

  • Recommendation concerning administrative obligations when declaring open positions.

  • Communication of the job offer towards national and regional job agencies (job agencies from Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium).

  • Publication of the job advert on our internet site.

  • Definition of a media plan: recommendation concerning the selection of media, internet or written press depending on the activity sector and on the job profile.

  • Publication of the job advert during 1 month on job sites of general interest (,, or depending on your needs on specialised media.

  • Publication of the job offer under the label “Expert Resource Recruitment Services”: Applications of candidates will be addressed directly to “Expert Resource” (as option it is possible to show the identity of the employer).

  • Proactive search of candidates in generalised CV databases, or depending on your needs in specialised CV databases and in the database of Expert Resource Recruitment Service.

  • Contact target candidates from database research by Email and inform them about a job offer that corresponds to their profile.

  • Reception of CVs, acknowledgment slip to candidates.

  • Selection of received CVs: transfer applications corresponding to the job profile to the employer.

  • Management of selected and unselected CVs:
     - Respond to candidates questions until the end of the selction process
     - Management of rejected applications (send letters to candidates).

  • Phone interview for the pre-selection: candidate interview of pre-selected candidates to verify provided data and if the candidate profile corresponds to the job profile.

  • Individual evaluation of the selected candidates in direct interviews: confirmation of CV data, relation between job title realised work, salaries, employment certificates, references, diploma, etc.)

  • Personality and competence tests

  • Control of references: verification of references of selected candidates at former employers (candidates will be asked for agreement).

  • Selection of the best or of a inner circle of best candidates (3 or 5).

  • Submit a syntheses for each presented candidate.

  • Support employer while taking a decision

  • Guarantee (as option guarantee extension)

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